The transparent painting technique was first created by Bryan Law in 1986 when he was still in university. He applied oil thinner directly on the canvas to make a coating that had a transparent effect. Now, he uses not just thinner on oil and water on acrylic; he uses air on all kinds of mediums. A 3-dimensional effect is now normally produced with the transparent painting technique.

Bryan likes abstract paintings. In his view, fine art has two levels of expression, one is real, and the other is philosophic. While the former is more expressive than the others, the latter provides a larger imagination space. Although photography can best express the reality of things, abstract paintings can better express concepts and ideas. That is why he chose the latter.

There is only one Van Gogh, and there is only one Picasso. Artists should have their own style and, hopefully, have a creative manner. The transparent painting technique is Bryan's innovative painting method that uses solvents and additives (those are already being mixed with paints) as the paints themselves.

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